Millstream is closing its doors.

Mill Stream Utility Box used as a Classic Fly Box

After a lot of reflection, we've decided it's time to close up shop after over 30 years of serving the industry. We'd like to say thank you to all of our loyal customers - we've really enjoyed doing business with you over the years.

We're in the process of selling off our machinery and current stock. Some items are no longer available, but many are still in stock. An email was send several weeks ago (click here to see it) detailing additional discounts offered to our dealers. If you need to reach us for information about the availability of any boxes or accessories we carry, please call 603-647-4003 or email

We are in the process of trying to place our box molds and custom imprinting dies with someone who is interested in continuing to produce the Millstream line of boxes. Information regarding any sale will be posted on this website, along with contact information for the new owner.

For our bulk foam customers, we're also in the process of finding a new home for Millstream's exceptional ripple foam. As soon as we have any information regarding the new owner of the foam business, we'll post it here and send out an email with contact information.

To download a copy of the current catalog with pricing, click here.

Again, thank you for your business. It has truely been a pleasure.